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Mrs. LaFors' approach is that anyone can learn to be a good artist; they just have to have some guidance and be willing to be patient, work hard and build a skill set. Her students do best when they are motivated, relaxed, patient, yet determined.

Teaching Approach

Mrs. LaFors teaches private lessons designed to review the basics of drawing and painting: fundamentals of line, shape, relationships, perspective, composition, and value.

She covers different media including: pastels, watercolors, oil, acrylics, gouache, pen and ink, and pencils - using different tools, which are applied onto various papers, boards, and canvasses.

The students get exposure to different approaches and media. She stresses progressive learning and a "can do" attitude. She recognizes the need for considerable effort to become a good artist. Progressive learning is key to developing a skill base in art. Each person needs to work at their own speed. Group interaction is stressed as a way to learn respect for others and to treat others with kindness and dignity as well as a method to learn from others. Creating a supportive environment rather than a competitive atmosphere is stressed. As individuals work to build their skill base, the positive results show in the work they produce. This provides encouragement and positive reinforcement to them as an individual and as an artist. The course is structured to make sure the basics are covered; however, freedom to choose subject matter is part of the experience. And be sure to know it is hard work, but no fussing! Just do it!